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...Catalyst of Change and Visions and Voices are timely and make a significant contribution to the discussions of how Canadian nursing organized itself to realize that vision.
Mary Ellen Jeans, RN, PhD, Executive Director, Canadian Nurses Association

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The editor of this comprehensive, informative book has brought together many nurse practitioners who are working in various specialties and settings in Canada. The purpose is to share experiences and discuss the professional, economic and political issues that continue to create barriers that keep CanadianNPs from practicing at the level for which they are educated and prepared.
Ada Romaine Davis, PhD, RN, CANP John Hopkins University, School of Nursing

Visions and Voices is important to all those interested in the future of health care providers, payers and patients. It demonstrates not only the importance of nurse practitioners but contributes to the current debate about fundamental issues of health policy. That is a debate that needs to be joined by all those who believe that Canada's publicly funded and administered healthcare system must be preserved.
Ruth Grier, Ontario Minister of Health, February 1993-June 1995